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Kindle Won’t Charge

Kindle Fire Won’t Charge | How to Fix the issue in Just a Few Minutes?

Kindle Won’t Charge quick fix. Amazon Kindle is a great device for e-book readers and for anyone who is looking for a perfect dose of entertainment. Kindle Fire is one of the best selling products by Amazon.

But, it is quite common to experience Kindle won’t charge issues while using the device. If you are facing a similar issue then do not worry as it is a common problem and can be resolved easily if you put some effort.

But, if you are in a hurry or the Kindle won’t charge issue keeps coming back then the best thing to do is to get in touch with the Kindle support team for assistance.

Kindle Won’t Charge Problem Decoded Solutions

Though Amazon has put a whole lot of effort into making Kindle and adding top-notch innovative features. It is very common to experience problems while using Kindle Fire especially when it comes to battery-related issues. 

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In fact, Kindle Fire won’t charge is one such problem than can be very frustrating to deal with. Problems with Kindle’s battery life, having to charge Kindle, again and again, charging ports not working are some of the most common Kindle related issues that can result in charging problems.

If you are facing a similar problem then here are the things that you need to do to fix the problem.

What can you do to Fix Kindle won’t Charge Problem?

If you are seeing battery dead or critical battery health symbol on the Kindle and if you can see nothing on the screen of the Kindle. Then there are chances that the battery of the Kindle is completely drained out.

If this is the problem make sure to charge the battery of the Kindle and then see if the issue is fixed or not.

If the Kindle won’t charge then the next thing you need to be doing is to test the power cable of the adapter and the power outlet. Try charging another device using the same power outlet and check.

Use another USB cable connection to charge the Kindle. If the Kindle charges then you know what is at fault. If Kindle won’t charge then the problem is something different.

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If the solutions mentioned above are unable to resolve Kindle Fire won’t charge issue then it is clear that the problem is not with the cable connection or the battery. In this case, you need to follow the steps mentioned below to fix the problem.

  • Take out the USB cable connection from the Kindle and then reattach it to the Kindle again.
  • Then put the power adapter in the socket.
  • If the Kindle is not showing the charging status then take out the plug of the connector.
  • Now, restart the device.
  • Press the power button for 3 seconds and when the Kindle turns on release the button.
  • If the Kindle does not turn on automatically once turned on make sure to press the power button.
  • When the Kindle restarts, attach the USB cable and the power adapter to it.
  • Now, plug in the charger of the Kindle and see if the issue is fixed or not.
  • Wait for an hour and let your Kindle Fire charge without interfering.

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After some time check your Kindle, it must show an indicator signal showing the battery charge. If this does not help in fixing Kindle won’t charge problem then you must get in touch with the Kindle support team for help and assistance.

Resetting the Kindle that is not Charging

If the solutions mentioned above do not help in fixing the problem then you can fix it by a quick restart. Often all you need to fo is restart the Kindle to fix the Kindle Won’t Charge.

  • Press and hold the power button for 2-3 seconds.
  • Once the device turns off press the power button again to turn on the Kindle.
  • If the Kindle won’t turn on plugin the charger and wait for 10 minutes before turning on the Kindle.

Reset Kindle to Factory Default Settings

If you have tried everything but still Kindle Fire won’t charge then you are left with no other choice but hard reset. But, you need to know that a hard reset will completely be deleting the data and more information from the Kindle Fire.

So, make sure to have a backup. If you do not want to perform a factory reset it is better to get in touch with the Kindle support team for a technical solution.

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  • Go to the Kindle Settings menu.
  • Here select Device Information.
  • Now, select the Factory Reset option here.

Once you complete the factory reset the Kindle the device will be similar to how you bought it. This means all of the apps will be wiped off and the settings will be restored to default.  But, you can register to your Amazon account and check out the e-books you downloaded there and create a backup.

Kindle Won’t Charge | What can Possible go Wrong?

 Kindle charger not working can be very severe for your device. Though most of Kindle charging related issues can be fixed however, in some cases you may have to get help from the Kindle support team.

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Updating the Software

If the battery is working properly for your device but the Kindle won’t charge. Then this problem can be easily fixed by following the steps mentioned below.

  • You will have to log in to your Amazon account to complete the software update.
  • Now try connecting the Kindle with the computer using a USB cable drag and drop the files in your device.
  • Now on the home screen go to the menu and then the settings.
  • Here you can see the option for updating Kindle, select it.
  • Note that the Kindle will restart twice while it is getting updated.

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These are the solutions that will help you in fixing Kindle won’t charge problem.s However, if the problem is not resolved you need to get help from the Amazon support team.

The technicians will guide you in fixing the problem through a technical solution so that you can enjoy using the Kindle device.

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