Kindle Paperwhite won’t turn on

Kindle Paperwhite won’t Turn On | Here is What you can do?

Kindle Paperwhite won’t Turn on quick fix. Are you facing issues while using your Kindle Paperwhite? Well, then do not worry as it is quite common to experience issues while using the device.

However, you will have to perform troubleshooting solutions to fix this problem. There are multiple reasons why you may come across issues like Kindle Paperwhite won’t turn on.

Most often you can easily fix this problem however, sometimes you may need a technical solution to fix the issue. That is when getting help from the Kindle technicians is a must.

Here we have discussed in detail the basic solutions that can help you with the Kindle Paperwhite won’t turn on.

Basic Solutions to fix a Kindle Paperwhite that just Won’t Turn On

It is a common problem that many Kindle Paperwhite users go through however, there are certain solutions that can help in fixing it. So, let’s get started now.

My Kindle Paperwhite won’t Turn On

  • Check the Charging Cable

Just like any other USB cable Kindle Paperwhite charging cable is prone to damage after repeated use.  However, you can replace the charging cable of the Kindle Paperwhite and try charging it with the same.

  • Restart the Kindle Paperwhite

This does not mean that you simply need to turn off and turn on the device, you will have to perform a soft reset. 

  • Press and hold the power button for at least 10 seconds.
  • Now, the Kindle will turn off this means a reset has been initiated.
  • Then, charge the Kindle. However, if this does not work and Kindle Paperwhite won’t turn on then you will have to perform a hard reset.
  • Check the Charging Points

There are chances that something is there in the charging port which is hampering it from connecting the cable and the Kindle. Sometimes the charging port may also get damaged and as a result, it may not charge the device.  So, you will have to get it fixed to resolve the issue.

  • The Battery is Drained

If you haven’t used the Kindle Paperwhite for a long time or the device has been kept in extreme hot or cold temperature then it can drain the battery.  If this is the reason why your Kindle Paperwhite is not turning on then it is better to contact Amazon Kindle technicians for help and support.

These are some of the solutions that you can follow is the Kindle Paperwhite is not charged and won’t turn on. However, if it is charged but still won’t turn on then you need to follow some other solutions.

My Kindle Paperwhite is Charged but Won’t Turn on | Here’s what to do?

  • Press/hold the power button of the device for 10-15 seconds.
  • After this, you will see a charger indicator this is when you need to restart the device. In most cases, you can troubleshoot Kindle Paperwhite won’t turn on the issue by performing a soft reset. However, if the problem is unresolved follow the steps mentioned below.

If nothing seems to work then the last resort you have is to factory reset the Kindle Paperwhite. So, you need to keep a backup of the data and information as it will completely wipe off the settings and data from your Kindle Paperwhite.  Follow these steps to factory reset Kindle Paperwhite.

  • Press and hold the power and volume down button simultaneously. Now, a recover screen will appear on your Kindle.
  • You can now use the volume button on the Kindle Paperwhite to select the factory reset option.  After that, you can select the reset option by pressing the power button.
  • Again use the volume button to select yes option for erasing the data.
  • Now, press the power button to finally reset the Kindle Paperwhite.

These are the basic solutions that can help you with Kindle Paperwhite won’t turn on issue. However, if this does not work you definitely need technical help. So, we recommend getting in touch with the Amazon Kindle Paperwhite technical support team for help and assistance.

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