Kindle Fire won’t turn on even when plugged in

Kindle Fire Won’t Turn on even when Plugged in| How to Fix the Problem?

Kindle Fire won’t turn on even when plugged in quick fix. Kindle Fire users can relate the most with issues like Kindle Fire won’t turn. It is very common to experience issues while using the Kindle Fire. 

However, it is not a big issue and usually can be resolved within a few minutes. However, sometimes issues like Kindle Fire won’t turn on even when plugged in may need expert and technical assistance.

But, do not worry we have jotted down some of the basic solutions that can help you fix the problem.

Kindle Fire is a great device that serves all of your entertainment needs. If you are someone who enjoys reading then Kindle Fire is surely your best friend. 

But, if you are facing any issue while turning on the device then it can be quite frustrating to deal with.

Troubleshooting Kindle Fire won’t Turn on though Plugged in Issue

Though the Kindle Fire is one of the best launches by Amazon however, Kindle won’t turn on is one of the most common problems faced by the users. Obviously, you need to fix the problem immediately to use the Kindle Fire tablet without any hassle.

If you do not have much time and have got less technical knowledge then it is best to get help from the experts.

Battery Related Issues

The most common reason why Kindle Fire won’t turn on even when plugged in is due to issues related to the battery. In such a case, there are possible three reasons why you may come across such an issue.

⦁  If you find out that the Kindle Fire is not charging then make sure to check the cable. There are chances that the Kindle charging cable is damaged or not working and that is why the Kindle Fire is not turning on when plugged in.

If this is the issue then you can use another USB cable of an android device to charge the device. This shall help in fixing the problem.

⦁  Another reason you may come across this problem is if the battery is drained.  So, plug in the power cord and wait for 30-40 minutes. Then turn on the Kindle Fire to see if the issue is resolved.

⦁  In the worst-case scenario, if the above two points are nulled out then the reason why you are experiencing this issue is that if battery-related troubles. In this situation, you are left with no choice but to replace the damaged battery.

Reset the Kindle Fire

Kindle Fire won’t turn on even when plugged in is a very common issue that the users may experience at any point in time. Most of the devices come across issues like these so it is nothing to worry about.

The exact reason why this happens is not known but if you are unable to fix the issue then a reset can help in fixing it.

A soft reset is nothing but rebooting the device. However, sometimes that is all you need to do to fix the issue.

⦁  Press and hold the power button for 30 seconds or more.

Soft Reset Kindle Fire | Kindle Fire won’t turn on even when plugged in

⦁  Wait until the device turns off and then turn it on again after a few seconds.

Hard Reset Kindle Fire

Hard reset or in other words factory reset will wipe off your stored data in the Kindle Fire. So, it should be considered as the last option when nothing seems to work.

⦁  Open the Settings menu.

⦁  Then tap on More options.

⦁  Here choose Device.

⦁  Now, select the reset option.

⦁  The Kindle Fire will automatically restart. The stored data will be erased while the default settings will be restored.

Kindle Fire won’t turn on even when plugged in is a common issue that usually occurs because of battery-related problems. However, if the issue persists getting help from the technical team is always the best choice.

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