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Kindle Fire not working

Kindle Fire Not Working | Quick Fixes to Resolve Common Kindle Fire Issues

Kindle Fire Not Working quick troubleshooting guide 2020. Amazon Kindle Fire is one of the best selling products out there. Thanks to the innovative technology and the features it provides to the users. The device is positively accepted by the people and has received a great response.

But that is not it many Kindle users often complain about Kindle Fire not working. If you are facing a similar issue with your device then the good news is that you are not alone. However, that does not mean you ignore it, obviously, the issue needs to be resolved immediately.

There are multiple reasons why your Kindle Fire may not be responding or working. So to fix this problem you may have to perform a couple of troubleshooting solutions. However, in case you need immediate help then it is always good to get in touch with the Amazon Kindle support team for a technical solution.

Kindle Fire Not Working Solutions

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Restart the Device

  • Press and hold the power button of the Kindle Fire. Wait until the shutdown message appears on the screen.  Tap to shut down the device.
  • Once the device shuts down press the power button for 3 seconds to turn on the Kindle.

Force Close the Apps on the Kindle Fire

  • Swipe down to open the menu bar on your Kindle Fire.
  • Tap on More to open the settings and then choose the Applications.
  • Now, in the menu open the Filter option and then choose ‘ Running Applications’.
  • Here you can choose the applications that you want to close or force stop.
  • Select ok and then clear data.
  • You will have to follow the steps mentions above to force stop the apps one by one.

Update the Installed Apps | Kindle Not Working

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  • Once the Kindle Fire turns on open the  Apps.
  • On the top right tap on the Store and then in the bottom select the Menu.
  • On the bottom select App Updates.  Here you can see the apps that need to be updated.
  • Tap on the Update option next to the app and wait until the update is complete.

Update Kindle Fire Software

Make sure the device has enough battery and is connected to a stable Wi-Fi network before you start with the software update. Follow the steps mentions below to update the Kindle Fire software.

  • Swipe down to open the Settings.
  • Now select Device Options and then System Updates.
  • Then select Check Now to see if there is any latest update available for the Kindle Fire.
  • If yes, then the device will automatically start downloading the latest software.
  • Once the update is downloaded select the Updated option.

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⦁ Now, the Kindle Fire will automatically restart while the software is updating.  Then the software will be installed in your device.

These are some of the basic solutions that can help you when Kindle Fire not working. However, many times you may also come across other issues with the device.

Battery Problems | Kindle Fire Not Working

Kindle Fire may not working when there is a battery-related issue.  Many Kindle Fire users complain about low battery backup problem and related issues. If you are facing a similar problem then try these solutions.

  • Try restarting the Kindle.
  • Change the adapter.
  • Close the apps that are running in the background. You can also remove the app to fix the issue.
  • If this does not work then you can also try resetting the factory settings. Follow the steps mentioned below to factory reset the Amazon Kindle Fire.
  • Open the Settings option on your Kindle.
  • Choose the Device option.
  • Here you can factory reset the device.

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Note: Factory Resetting the Kindle Fire will permanently erase your personal data, apps, and restore the default settings.

Kindle Fire not working is a common issue that most of the users have to face at some point in time. Basic troubleshooting solutions may help you in fixing the problem.

However, if you have any doubt or if the Kindle problem is unresolved make sure to seek technical advice and solutions for the experts.

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