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Kindle Fire keeps losing WiFi connection | Kindle Wi-Fi Issues Fix

My Kindle Fire Keeps Losing WiFi Connection | Here’s a Complete Solution

Kindle Keeps Losing WiFi Connection or your Kindle Fire keeps losing WiFi connection 2020 quick fix. Amazon Kindle Fire is designed with innovative technology along with top-notch features that makes it one of the best products available in the market.

You can entertain yourself by listening to music, stream the latest movies, read e-books, browse and whatnot.

As a Kindle Fire user, we know that it completely works over the Wi-Fi connection. So, a stable Wi-Fi connection is an utmost requirement for the Kindle Fire to work properly.

However, Kindle Fire keeps losing WiFi connection is one of the most common issues faced by the users. So, do not worry as you are not alone in this problem. Moreover, it is a common issue that can be fixed by following the basic troubleshooting guidelines.

In this guide, we have covered in detail the troubleshooting solutions that you can follow to fix the connectivity issue with the Kindle Fire.

Troubleshooting WiFi Connectivity Issue with the Kindle

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Before following the solutions make sure to check some of the basic things in your Kindle. Kindle Fire keeps losing wifi connection can be resolved simply by checking a few basic things required to run the device.

People Also Ask

Why does my Kindle keep disconnecting from Wi-Fi?

Kindle Fire keeps losing WiFi connection issue maybe because of the router or the wireless connection. In such a situation, you need to restart the router or the modem to fix the connection issue. Also, try placing the router closer to the Kindle to improve the wi-fi signal strength.

Why does my Amazon Fire keep losing Internet connection?

If the Amazon Firestick is continuously losing the wi-fi connections then it can be because of a small bug. To resolve the issue, follow the steps mentioned here.

  • Take out the Firestick from the TV.
  • Turn off the Tv and the wi-fi router.
  • Restart the two devices.
  • Then turn on the devices and connect the Firestick to the TV to check the issue is resolved.

How do I fix the Wi-Fi on my kindle fire?

You can resolve the Wi-Fi connection related issue on your Firestick easily by restarting the router. Besides, make sure to wi-fi channel is set to something between 1 to 11. Also, make sure the router is closer to the Kindle Fire.

How do I set up Wi-Fi on my Kindle?

You can easily fix Kindle Fire keeps losing WiFi connection or connect the Kindle to the network by following these quick and easy steps.

  • Swipe down to select the settings menu. Here you can choose the wireless option.
  • Make sure the flight mode is turned off.
  • Then select the wi-fi and turn it on.
  • Then select the network option to connect the device.

Do Firesticks need updating?

You need to update the Fire TV stick from time to time. The Fire TV updates not only introduce new features but also fix the technical glitches and bugs. Make sure to be connected to the internet connection while updating the Firestick. And make sure the device is connected to a stable network. 

  • Check if other devices can connect to the Wi-Fi network or not. This will verify if the issue is with the connection or the Kindle Fire.
  • Make sure the airplane mode is turned off to allow wireless connectivity.
  • Check if thE Kindle Fire is running on the latest software. Get it updated to fix the issue.
  • Also, check if you are entering the correct Wi-Fi password while trying to connect the Kindle Fire to the network.
  • Another thing you need to verify is the Date and Time on your Kindle Fire. Make sure it is correct as it can be the reason for issues in the Wi-Fi connection.

If you have checked the points mentioned above and the Kindle Fire keeps losing WiFi connection. Then you must follow the troubleshooting solutions mentioned below to fix the problem with the Wi-Fi connection.

Steps to Resolve Kindle Fire WiFi Connectivity Issue

  • The first thing that you can do is to restart the Kindle Fire. Simply press the 3 seconds or more to switch it off.
  • Then turn on the Kindle Fire and connect it with the Wi-Fi to see if the issue is fixed or not.
  • If this does not work check if the Kindle Fire is running on the latest version of the software.
  • Update the software of the Kindle Fire or install it using a USB cable connection.s Also, check if the installed apps have been updated.
  • Try to connect the Kindle Fire with the Wi-Fi if it is showing an error then you must reset the router.
  • To do this, simply switch off the router and unplug it.
  • Now turn on the router and erase all of the DHCP records to change the IP address to static.
  • If the solutions mentioned above do not work then you may have to factory reset your Kindle Fire.
  • However, you must know that resetting will completely erase all of the apps, data, and settings from the Kindle Fire.
  • For this go to the Settings and then factory reset it.

Call Technical Support

These solutions must help in resolving the connectivity issues with the Kindle Fire. Is your Kindle Fire keeps losing WiFi connection? Then you need to make sure that the Wi-Fi you are trying connect is stable and fast.  Many times Kindle Fire may only work on a 3G network.

However, if nothing seems to work and the issue persists it is always best to seek help from the technical experts. They will troubleshoot the connectivity issue from the root so you have no further issues.

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